You are downloading the tool that will enable you to switch your Noah 4 database from the default SQL Compact Edition to Microsoft SQL Server. Please confirm below that you have read and agree with the following support requirements:

  • With Noah 4.8 and later, the tool is called the Noah 4 DB Converter Tool and it is included with the installation of Noah. You will find the tool at C:\Program Files (x86)\HIMSA\Noah 4. 
  • The location configuring Noah to use SQL Server must assume the responsibility for installing, configuring and maintaining the SQL Server.
  • A successful configuration of Noah with SQL Server is dependent on completely reading the SQL Server support material on the HIMSA website.
  • Noah 4’s built in database backup and restore tools will not function after Noah 4 has been connected to your SQL Server. It is the location’s responsibility to setup, use, and maintain the Microsoft SQL backup tools that come with the SQL Server. HIMSA is not able to provide support or advice on the use of these tools.

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